I am Jerry Chapman, the owner of Meridian Computer Service. I started this business in 2003 after working for several years as a systems administrator and programmer for corporations such as Ameritech, AT&T, Sony Pictures, Arco and Teradata.

Meridian Computer Service provides fast and friendly help for homes and small businesses. We come to your home or business, and after initial contact, we can also use remote support at a reduced cost.


At Northern Illinois University when I was a freshman, I took an introduction to computer programming class. Back then no one had a computer on their desk, even their work desk. I expected the class would be theoretical, and was amazed that they'd let beginning students program the campus computer! - - This isn't so strange is it? You think twice about letting your 10 year old nephew play minecraft on your computer! But they did, and that is when I started to learn about computing. I was fascinated with Silicon Valley, and got a job opportunity there in 1984, but apparently I was not enamored enough... And I took a job in Los Angeles instead, working for Hughes Aircraft. I was a small fish in a big pond. My next major job was for a computer company, Teradata, a bigger fish in a smaller pond. And in 2003 I started Meridian Computer Service, depending on how you look at it, I'm either the biggest fish in my own pond, or the smallest fish in the South Bay.

Before I worked for myself doing support, I was a Java programmer. I now do programming again, PHP and MySQL for websites and Java for Android apps.


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